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Each week a selection of 5 op. eds. and articles to better make sense of today’s world.

Weekly Selection

26 November 2021|

How US NatCon fits into and helps explain worldwide illiberalism. Waiting too long to taper risks resulting in higher and more sustained inflation. Could the vigour of Xi’s current policies stem from confidence rather than urgency? How not to lose the superpower of hope in face of the climate crisis. Acceptance is an essential ingredient to achieve meaningful (and effective) mindfulness.

Weekly Selection

19 November 2021|

There is an evolving osmosis between worktime and vacation. Is current inflation transient or not – the debate goes on. Glasgow didn’t achieve enough, activists and shifting attitudes could do more in the near future. Human innovation continues to flourish. Yet we undervalue imagination at our peril.

Weekly Selection

12 November 2021|

US-China relations should not be reduced to good or bad, it’s the nuance between the two that could equate to a more stable world order. Fiction can help us make sense of reality; information overload might not be so helpful. Two new weapons: vaccinating the youngest members of society and a therapeutic drug could spell victory over the Covid [...]

Weekly Selection

5 November 2021|

The roots of the great resignation run deeper than job fatigue. The inflationary nature (or not) of deglobalization comes under scrutiny. That climate change will provoke mass migration is a given, the right response to it is not. New science is emerging about human energy. More established science now tells us what can help us keep our brains healthy [...]

Weekly Selection

29 October 2021|

Why the climate crisis represents the biggest market failure in history. Why failure to effectively confront domestic inequalities could lead to global conflict and uncontrollable climate change. Higher levels of inflation are here to stay and require a concrete response from central banks. What is nature’s true value? Why putting a price on it matters. Why resisting the darker, [...]

Weekly Selection

22 October 2021|

The ‘Cornwall Consensus’ heralds the end of a free-market driven agenda and the return of state to the economic arena. Rather than a united effort, the NZE2050 agenda risks pitting rich minority countries against the poor majority ones. What’s on the AI agenda for the next two decades and its consequences (good and less good). Over focus on Covid-19 [...]

Weekly Selection

15 October 2021|

Where and how governments must now invest to redeem the failure of past climate policy. The ordinary Chinese citizen turned property investor (apartment purchaser) could be the hardest hit by the Evergrande debacle. An ugly tale of an investment strategy that is wreaking havoc in the newsrooms of the US. The ten tech trends currently attracting most attention and [...]

Weekly Selection

8 October 2021|

The ever more pressing need to prioritise financial stability will erode central bank independence. The fall-out from a ‘Hydra of bottlenecks’ is being felt throughout the US. Flaky methodology, still mostly driven by profit not planet, means that ESG funds are often more ‘greenwashed’ than genuinely green and good for society. Lifting the lid on the shady treasure ‘chest’ where [...]

Weekly Selection

1 October 2021|

Why humanity is on the move again and the contingent challenges. Why the labour force has frequently missed out on the spoils of economic growth. Why a hybrid formula between remote and in situ (but not necessarily the office) working could be the ideal solution. Why rationality doesn’t matter anymore, and why this matters. Why the ‘liking gap’ can [...]

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