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Each week a selection of 5 op. eds. and articles to better make sense of today’s world.

Weekly Selection

10 September 2021|

Achieving sustainable economic growth is inextricably linked to investing in nature. Future business success tomorrow requires understanding why so many are quitting their jobs today. The tech community’s obsession today with creating an infinite number of tomorrows. In the last decade and half, technology has revolutionized the publishing industry and its not finished yet. Discover the potential ‘returns’ on [...]

Weekly Selection

3 September 2021|

The pandemic has revealed a collective inability of our leaders to govern today’s globalized and inextricably interconnected world. Stagflation as a real threat to economic outlook cannot be ruled out. New research suggests that brains don’t systematically stagnate with age – some vital abilities even get better. Science is short-changing both young and old sufferers of long COVID. The [...]

Weekly Selection

27 August 2021|

The Weekly Selection is on vacation. Please find below five past articles on what should be our focus while on holiday: friends, regaining time and physical exercise. William Mayle, New Study Reveals a Major Side Effect of Walking More (ETNT Mind+Body, 30 June 2021) It is almost received wisdom now that walking is good for us for [...]

Weekly Selection

20 August 2021|

Better aligning value with values could ‘correct’ capitalism. How we all (and the US in particular) lost Afghanistan. Global FDI will pick up but could be more of a trickle than a flow well into 2022. Who will control our data? Carefully deployed blockchain technology could tip the balance in favour of the individual. Picking up on another of [...]

Weekly Selection

13 August 2021|

Why obligatory vaccination today can be compared with compulsory seatbelts of the past. Why the origins of current social divides could lie in an overconcentration of power, privilege, and influence. Data is now confirming that a desire for remote working is why many are quitting or taking a job. What is the ‘metaverse’ and why it matters. What is [...]

Weekly Selection

6 August 2021|

Endless quantitative easing runs risks, but so does tapering too soon. Many US workers prioritise the benefits of working from home above everything – even their pay cheque. Prioritising purpose, wellbeing, adaptability, diverse connections, and learning would help us thrive. Connecting with strangers could and should be part of this. Reserving enough thinking time in a day is another [...]

Weekly Selection

30 July 2021|

Pressure in China to control animal spirits risks crushing the confidence so vital for its economy. The adverse pressure exerted by climate change on weather patterns is now beyond dispute. Pressure from ‘anywhere jobs’ is making white collar workers increasingly vulnerable. Put yourself under physical pressure and then reap the ‘rewards’ afterwards – a new form of experiential consumption [...]

Weekly Selection

23 July 2021|

Only holistic and systemic solutions can solve the world's existential problems. Has China the potential to be a global champion? Global togetherness – considered a hallmark value of the Olympics - is conspicuous by its absence in Tokyo.  Because of misaligned human and market values, capitalism is failing to deliver fair and resilient societies. Vaccines have their limitations against [...]

Weekly Selection

16 July 2021|

As an AI productivity boom now looks probable, we need to prepare for it. Opinions on whether we should be preparing for inflation are shifting. Attitudes to working hours have perhaps changed for good. The complexity and magnitude of changing to clean energy should not be underestimated. Previously unknown and underestimated, new science now confirms that looking after our gut [...]

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