monthly barometer


“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Walking is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. Put simply walking can help us both feel and think better. For just this reason, for many years now, at Monthly Barometer we have offered our community the chance to enjoy the unusual combination of hard thinking, original content and insightful conversation while walking together somewhere close to nature. More recently we have given these sessions a name: ‘walkshops’.


‘Walkshops’ can take a variety of forms, but their components are constant: the pleasure of a shared moment of physical activity, peppered with thought-provoking micro presentations and an ensuing animated exchange between participants and specialists.


If walking so benefits the “body, brain and mind” trinity, it surely follows that it’s also good for decision-making. Both walking and decision making are about finding and following a path. At Monthly Barometer, through our digital content and community gatherings we aim to accompany our members along this path, one cognitive step at a time, towards a an optimal “thinking space” where it is easier to make the right decisions about those things that really matter.