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“If I give you a dollar and you give me a dollar, each of us will only have one dollar. But if you give me one idea and I give you another idea, we will both have two ideas.” Unknown

All too often we tend to favour well-established ideas that are deeply interwoven with and influenced by our personal and professional lives. Put another way we don’t think “out of the box” nearly enough. As a result, we limit our exposure to those other ideas that can create a “Eureka” moment and compel us to think a bit differently, question some of our beliefs and assumptions and make new connections.

This is not good because the novel ideas may well be those that reveal new ways of looking at familiar things, thus leading to a new project, a new investment, or a new endeavour. Our Ideas Dinners are both a catalyst for and shortcut to a potent source of just such ideas. No lengthy treaties, books, or articles to read – just enjoy listening to what everybody around the table has to say.

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The dinners are organized throughout the year in various loca- tions (London, Geneva, Paris, NYC, Chamonix, Washington DC, Singapore, etc.) and on each occasion gather a maximum of 20 participants – drawn from the Monthly Barometer membership community and network. The choice of guests is vital to ensure a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives thus avoiding the trap of group think and too much consensus.

To succeed, the dinner requires a bit of preparation on the part of everybody but it’s a great challenge to embrace. Guests normally get excited and interested. If it works well (as it nearly always does), everybody leaves enriched by 19 new ideas!

The Monthly Barometer team compiles and shares with MB Connect and MB 100 members a curated précis of the ideas arising from each dinner. After an initial conversation with us, we can connect those interested in any particular idea with the person who formulated it with a view to moving their idea forward.


“All good ideas are second-hand!” Mark Twain

There is no limitation in terms of what sort of ideas should be submitted to the group. Truly original ideas are virtually non-existent as Mark Twain concluded when discussing the combinatorial nature of creativity, but this in no way negates their interest. Quite the opposite – all ideas feed off each other. We are only bound by our imaginations.