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MB Connect offers its members the chance to access an exceptional, international network thanks to regular (bi-monthly) exclusive Ask our Experts online conversations with leading thinkers and decision-makers. MB Connect membership also includes a nominative, complimentary invitation to one private Ideas Dinner and the chance to participate in one MB Summit of Minds.


monthly barometer  MB DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION

A nominative subscription to all MB Digital flagship publications.


This series of regular, exclusive, online conversations features remarkable speakers drawn from our international network of influential policy-makers, thinkers, and practitioners from politics, finance, entrepreneurship, civil society, tech, well-being and beyond. These exceptional individuals share their valuable insights and expertise in a relaxed, yet carefully curated format, that guarantees the highest quality, tangible take-away for all participants. Followed-up by key take-away notes and unlimited access to video and audio recordings of the webinars.

These private dinners are organized throughout the year in various locations (e.g. London, Geneva, Paris, NYC, Chamonix, Washington DC, Singapore, etc.). The (maximum) 20 guests are all asked to bring to the table an idea they believe is worth sharing with their fellow diners. To avoid the trap of group think we take care to have a mix of guests from varying walks of life and with diverse perspectives. MB Ideas Dinners are an effective shortcut and catalyst to sourcing actionable ideas. Followed up by a curated precis of all the ideas presented.

World class gatherings conceived around carefully crafted programmes packed with ideas, actionable insights and outstanding speakers. The Summits of Minds foster an informal atmosphere of mutual trust, in which participants are able to engage in an open conversation that grapples with the critical macro issues of today’s world. The creativity and energy of the Summits of Minds are further enhanced by a unique offering of experiential activities, outside and in, with well-being and nature at their core, and how this positively impacts our capacity to make better decisions, both personal and professional.

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