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Each week a selection of 5 op. eds. and articles to better make sense of today’s world.

Weekly Selection

12 February 2021|

Escalating US-China competition is a given, military conflict need not be. What has COVID changed for good? Almost definitely our working habits – flexible hours and teleworking are here to stay. Israel is top of the class when it comes to tech and startups. Attention overload is today’s most pressing cognitive problem – the Monthly Barometer is here to [...]

Weekly Selection

5 February 2021|

There is an emerging realization that failing to recognize the real value of nature has negative fallout in many areas of our lives. Thinking systemically is a pre-requisite to understand this and many other phenomena. Historically, ‘helicopter money’ is very rare but its use in 17th century Venice offers some insights. Science increasingly backs an inextricable link between our [...]

Weekly Selection

22 January 2021|

A ‘post- American’ world is perhaps closer than we think. Will this involve China challenging the dollar’s exorbitant privilege? Yes. Conspiracy theories, however, look set to continue unchallenged. Climate change-related risks are moving to another level.  Good luck may feel in short supply, but the good news is we can contribute to making some of our own. QUOTE OF THE [...]

Weekly Selection

15 January 2021|

The post-pandemic world will not be going back to a pre-COVID ‘normal’ – whatever that was. Some argue it might see the return of inflation. Despite growing international rivalry, globalization hasn’t and won’t go away but its centre of gravity has shifted to Asia. Why online anger is so inflammatory and why positive thinking and being gentle on ourselves can [...]

Weekly Selection

8 January 2021|

What happened on Capitol Hill was shocking but not as surprising as it might have seemed.  Checkout other ‘expected surprises’ for 2021.  The real threat of the new COVID strain lies in the maths of exponential growth.  Time is not on our side in terms of how our brains' age, but we are not helpless in the face of it: [...]

Weekly Selection

18 December 2020|

Longer-term returns could be a better investment objective in the future. More patience could have improved the West’s response to the pandemic. New accounting standards could now include sustainability. 2021 will not be without risks, amongst them the psychological fallout from the pandemic, but there will be opportunities too, and a chance for positive change. QUOTE OF THE WEEK “What [...]

Weekly Selection

13 December 2020|

Dani Rodrik, Tackling Inequality from the Middle (Project Syndicate, December 10, 2019) The rise of populist movements and street protests around the world has made inequality a high priority for politicians; but what type of inequality should policymakers tackle? Based on the outcome of a recent conference he organized, Rodrik recommends focusing on the middle of the income distribution because [...]

Weekly Selection

11 December 2020|

We can learn something from the trees: it’s not only the fittest that thrive – knowing how to co-operate is also key to survival. Low-interest rates favour equities over bonds. Post-COVID cities may well favour urban villages and pedestrians over the automobile. The world may be as ill-prepared for the post-pandemic wave of mental illness as it was for the [...]

Weekly Selection

4 December 2020|

A bipolar world is not inevitable – there may be an advantageous ‘quadripolar’ alternative. Can democracy be rescued from the grip of Big Tech? Progress in lab-grown meat bodes well for the health of our planet. For the health of Nepal’s economy, climbing Everest is essential, for the rest of us, just thirty minutes walking will do. QUOTE OF THE [...]

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