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An ‘inch-deep mile-wide’ predictive and analytical monthly newsletter.

Monthly Barometer

1 April 2021|

US stimulus packages and vaccines vanquishing the variants are good for global GDP prospects 2021-22. But this growth could come with collateral damage for EMs. World population growth has taken an unexpected hit from the pandemic. Growth in climate migration will increasingly test democratic policy makers. Growing rivalry between China and the West will have multifaceted fallout: economic, societal [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 March 2021|

Some inflation in the near future is a possibility but the deeper trends are disinflationary. When will it happen and what will it look like? - the key questions about post-COVID’ normal’. As ‘weird’ becomes more and more ’normal’ in terms of the climate, resilience matters more and more. The reflation narrative is in full swing, with the sharp increase [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 February 2021|

Virus variants are stealing a march on vaccination efforts. Linear thinking will always fail to pick up the financial (and other) impact of macro events. With inequality now firmly on policy makers’ radars, the value of social capital is being increasingly recognised. Investors and financial institutions are now recognising climate risk. For value creation don’t underestimate human ingenuity. The longer [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 January 2021|

Greater divergence - social, economic, (geo)political, and generational - will characterise our world in 2021. Technology deployed to sustainable ends and as an economic stimulant is a reason for optimism. Investment flowing towards renewables and projects safeguarding natural capital could be a win-win for the environment and employment. 2021 will be a year of increasing divergence. (1) Divergence in economic [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 December 2020|

Effective vaccines are just around the corner, not so a widespread rapid economic recovery - its K shape means that for many sectors the return to economic’ health’ will take a lot longer. In contrast, as China comes out of COVID, she is coming of age and taking much of Asia with her. Zillennials won’t take `washing’ as an answer. [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 November 2020|

China has ‘controlled’ Covid-19 and is beginning to reap the economic benefits. In the rich world, up to now, policy has staved off economic disaster but the spectre of mass unemployment looms. A US, divided as never before, braces itself for post-election turmoil - the world watches and worries. Policy alone stands between the global economy and the abyss. The [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 October 2020|

In the rich world, autumn COVID seems a little less deadly, but for all that no less devastating for the world’s poor. In terms of the economic recovery, K is either for kickstart or kick-down-and-out, depending on the industry. Rising geopolitical tensions and rivalry are filling the void left by a dissolving global order.

Monthly Barometer

1 September 2020|

COVID-19 will be with us well into until 2021. Austerity has been replaced by unprecedented government spending, some of which, combined with private investment, could place clean air policies at the vanguard of efforts to stem global warming. Geopolitical flash points abroad and activism at home mean that both the positive and negative aspects of the status-quo are under serious [...]

Monthly Barometer

1 August 2020|

Even as the pandemic continues to grow its longer term economic and societal impacts are starting to emerge. Business’ environmental costs must be on future balance sheets. With a vital new deal Europe’s position gains in credibility amidst deteriorating US-China relations.


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