The Future of Innovation

2021-03-19T12:36:31+01:0012 September 2020|

COVID-19 has accelerated existing trends (eg what we buy, where, how and when) and spurred an explosion of creativity and innovation among start-ups and [...]

The Future of Mental Health

2021-03-19T12:36:57+01:0012 September 2020|

COVID-19 is only making this worse, causing a dramatic increase in mental health disorders and their accompanying ills. The Future of Mental Health Over [...]

The Future of Tourism

2021-03-19T12:37:38+01:0012 September 2020|

All industries whose consumers transact in person and socially have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Tourism is no exception. It may be forced [...]

The Future of Tech

2021-03-19T12:38:10+01:0012 September 2020|

There are distinct COVID-19 winners and losers. The consequences of the pandemic are accelerating the digitisation of the economy, meaning that by and large, [...]

Mastering our Fears and Anxiety

2021-03-18T15:29:02+01:0012 September 2020|

The purpose of this experiential session is to better understand the mechanisms that underpin our fears and anxieties and to suggest practical ways to overcome [...]

The Future of Europe

2021-03-19T12:38:44+01:0011 September 2020|

The “Next Generation EU” agreement signed in July represents a major breakthrough. The Future of Europe The “Next Generation EU” agreement signed in July [...]

The Future of Net 0

2021-03-19T12:39:15+01:0011 September 2020|

Concerns with environmental issues are such that a spate of new initiatives are being conceived to ensure that investible capital is deployed in ways [...]

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