MB SUMMIT OF MINDS CHAMONIX 20222023-02-07T08:55:37+01:00

In a world characterised by complexity and volatility, it is our collective human ingenuity and innate sociability that will be the source of the solutions our world so sorely needs.

As always, the Summit programme was an ideas’ fair articulated around two main threads:

  1. Key Macro issues (economics, geopolitics, society, environment and tech), how they are likely to evolve and the impact they’ll have on your investment and business decisions.
  2. Themes at the intersection of natural capital and the great outdoors, and their fundamental contribution to our planetary, societal and individual wellbeing.

Over three days, the Summit of Minds combined high-level thinking, access to an exceptional network and mind-stretching conversations in an informal atmosphere defined by mutual trust. This exceptional alchemy was further enhanced by “walkshops” out in nature peppered with micro-sessions and memorable, shared activities in the mountains.


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