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An analytical and predictive monthly newsletter that distills into one page those macro issues relevant to time-starved decision-makers.


We live in an era of mounting complexity and information overload, in which it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the signals from the noise. In such a context, trying to identify the most relevant analysis tends to resemble “drinking water from a fire hydrant”. Our strength is to focus on reducing complexity by conveying a simple (but not simplistic) and succinct message.


Written by a small research team, it also benefits from the regular input of several hundred key opinion-leaders. The straightforward style makes it easy to digest, whilst retaining a great deal of intellectual and methodological rigour.


Monitored op-eds
from trusted and diverse sources
from the international media: the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Wall Street Journal etc.

Insight from the world’s most prominent policy-makers, business leaders, top academics and opinion-makers

Blogs on particular issues or countries which we find insightful;
Various investors’ and investment banks’ newsletters.

The team’s cutting-edge analysis and huge ability to synthesize.

An unparalleled analysis of the opinions that matter most

Mark Twain rightly said that all ideas are second-hand. The Monthly Barometers draws on several theories to offer the most insightful and pertinent analysis possible

The Wisdom of Crowds, by James Surowiecki defends the idea that diversity makes a group more intelligent.
Our network is both quantitative and qualitative and characterised by diversity. Diversity of opinion, diversity of information, and diversity of attitude.
Thanks to this, we provide meaningful, independent, “conflict-of-interest-free” advice to our subscribers.

The analysis of competing hyposthesis, a method developed and recommended to us by Senior Intelligence officer Richard Heuer. As human beings, our judgement is plagued by our biases. We tend to form opinions by falling back on intuitions and then seek confirming evidence for those views, shutting down dissonant information. The“analysis of competing hypotheses” is an answer to this problem. It works by formulating two opposing arguments about any given issue and examining fresh information to see which one is gaining ground.  We do this for each bullet point that appears in the Monthly Barometer, by talking to our network so that we can be aware of all sides of each argument.

An antidote to information and analysis overload for today’s decision-makers


Some of the world’s leading thinkers and decision-makers endorse The Monthly Barometer.

  • Jacques Attali
    President, Planet finance, Advisor (to several heads of state), Author, one of foreign policy 100 top global thinkers.
    “In just a few minutes, the Monthly Barometer gives us an original, intelligent, informed and creative vision of the world. It helps us to decipher the current challenges, and to respond to them.”

    Philippe Bourguignon
    CEO, Exclusive Resorts, USA; formerly: CEO, World Economic Forum, Switzerland; CEO, Eurodisney, France; CEO, Club Méditerranée, France.
    “It's hard to understand the world and you would think that reading a lot would help. In fact, it often leaves you more confused. This was so until I read the Monthly Barometer whose insights put things into perspective. Invaluable!”

    Steve Case
    Chairman and CEO, Revolution, USA; co-Founder, AOL
    “I read the Monthly Barometer every month and find it to be extremely insightful and useful. Keep up the great work!”

  • Sean Cleary
    Chairman, Strategic Concepts, South Africa; Founder, FutureWorld Foundation; Member of the Board, Abraaj Capital Group.
    “The Monthly Barometer delivers what it promises: succinct, cogently argued perspectives on the forces and trends that define the economy and underpin the markets. Based on sound analysis and trenchant enquiry, with flashes of exceptional insight, it provides an invaluable point of reference to market-players and policymakers alike.”

    José-María Figueres
    President, Carbon War Room, USA; former President of Costa Rica.
    “The Barometer gives me a good understanding of where the world is heading in less than 5 minutes a month - extremely time-efficient! Over the years, it has made a few counter-intuitive macro calls about Europe, the Middle-East and the rising significance of global inequality, that proved to be right.”

    Peter Fletcher
    Founder and Chairman, le club b
    “The monthly barometer provides a succinct, thought-provoking and stimulating analysis of the world and the events that shape trends and investment implications. A must read!”

  • Jacob Frenkel
    Chairman, JP Morgan Chase International, and Chairman, Group of Thirty (G30).
    “The Monthly Barometer is an excellent publication. It is very perceptive, informative and extremely useful.”

    Parag Khanna
    Managing Partner, Hybrid Reality Pte, Singapore; Bestselling author
    “The Monthly Barometer not only tells you what you need to know - but distills clear implications readers are wise to take seriously. I follow its cautious analysis regularly.”

    Richard Lambert (Sir)
    Chancellor, Warwick University; Head, New UK Banking Standards Body, Former Financial Times Editor.
    “The Monthly Barometer has a remarkable way of highlighting the issues that matter, and of making you think afresh about things you'd already thought about.”

  • Jacques de Larosière
    Chairman, Eurofi; Advisor to the Chairman of BNP Paribas; Former President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Former Governor of the Banque de France; former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund.
    “The Monthly Barometer is one of the best in its class: succinct yet powerful, it offers an incisive and objective analysis of the current economic and financial landscape. Amidst the overflow of information one receives from all sides, this page is one of the few I take the time to read and meditate: its observations are perspicacious and its suggestions pertinent and sound.”

    Jean-Pierre Lehmann
    Professor of International Political Economy, IMD; Founding Director of The Evian Group.
    “The Barometer is a real tour de force! Succinct, incisive, great clarity.”

    Kishore Mahbubani
    Dean and Professor in the Practice of Public Policy of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore; One of the Financial Times and Foreign Policy 100 Top Global Thinkers.
    “The world is in a paradoxical state: it shows great promise but it is experiencing great turbulence. In these confusing times, some simple guides can help us make sense of this confusing world. These Monthly Barometers provide valuable timely insights. I strongly commend them.”

  • Moises Naim
    Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for international Peace; former Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy.
    “For years I have been an avid reader of newsletters and reports on international economic trends and financial market conditions. The "Monthly Barometer" surely ranks as one of the best.”

    Chandran Nair
    CEO and Founder, Global Institute for Tomorrow, Hong Kong.
    “With no complex products to sell and no ideological axe to grind, the Barometer is that rare independent insight into global financial and economic trends. More importantly it is written by people who have wider perspectives and care about the real challenges of our times which extend beyond the role of finance.”

    Alec Ross
    Senior Fellow, Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs; Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2009-2013)
    “In today's world, there are abundant sources of news and information but there is too little intelligent curation and synthesis to make it meaningful and coherent. The Monthly Barometer is an important exception. It is a very good resource for those driving the change in the world and those seeking to understand that change.”

  • Klaus Schwab
    Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
    “Even for a decision-maker who has wide access to information, The Monthly Barometer provides an essential tool for understanding the fundamental political, economic and social forces at work.”

    Chief Adviser, China Banking Regulatory Commission; Board Member, Khazanah (Malaysian SWF); Distinguished Fellow, Fung Global Institute (Hong Kong); one of the TIME magazine 100 most influential people in the world (2013).
    “When one is overwhelmed with information, browsing selectively is the only way to go. I look forward to the Monthly Barometer, because it selects for me what I need to know for clear thinking. We all need clear thinking in this confusing world.”

    Adair Turner (Lord)
    Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Former Chairman of the Financial Services Authority and the Confederation of British Industry.
    “We are overloaded with information and opinion: the question is where to find succinct insight. One of the best answers is the Monthly Barometer. It spots the links between the world's disparate trends: it makes me think. Five minutes a month could not be better spent.”