Invaluable insights & exceptional networking in outstanding locations.

Firmly rooted in the philosophy of the Monthly Barometer and the Summit of Minds, the MB Travel Experience formula combines great content and invaluable insights with great people and exceptional networking – all this while enjoying the great outdoors in outstanding locations. Nature, our own mental and physical wellbeing and how the two are inextricably linked, are also an important dimension of these unique trips.


A MB travel experience involves daily discovery, adventure and physical activity carefully adapted to each individual, accompanied by inspirational contributions from prominent experts and practitioners. All members of a MB travel party will receive exclusive Monthly Barometer publications outlining the particular issues under discussion including, recent research from renowned specialists some of who will also intervene personally during the trip.


Enhanced by contextual intelligence and guided by remarkable individuals an MB travel experience means that the benefits of your holiday will go on making a positive difference long after you have returned home.

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