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2021-04-15T11:33:46+02:0026 March 2021|

The end of a unipolar world could be the cue for a ‘Concert of Nations’. What are the possible overtures to an overheating economy? [...]

Weekly Selection

2021-01-29T11:22:03+01:002 February 2019|

Adair Turner, “Two Cheers for Population Decline” This may seem a counter-intuitive opinion to many, but Lord Turner presents a cogent view on why demographic contraction is in fact beneficial to human welfare. The greatest demographic challenge to human welfare is not low fertility and population aging (a good thing – as the article explains), but rather the high fertility rates and rapid population growth still seen in Pakistan, much of the Middle East, and Africa. It will make it more difficult to achieve the per capita investment required to sustain rapid economic growth or to create jobs fast enough to absorb a rapidly growing working-age population (read in 7-8 min).

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