Weekly Selection

2021-04-15T11:32:56+02:0019 March 2021|

How tech ghost corporations have changed the stock market and taken the capital out of capitalism. Other sectors, beyond tech, namely service industries, are [...]

COVID-19 Note #23

2021-04-15T10:17:54+02:0015 March 2021|

One year in and the race towards herd immunity is on. But the pace of the race and who is currently out in front [...]

Monthly Barometer

2021-04-15T11:52:26+02:001 March 2021|

Some inflation in the near future is a possibility but the deeper trends are disinflationary. When will it happen and what will it look like? [...]

Monthly Barometer

2021-04-15T11:53:08+02:001 February 2021|

Virus variants are stealing a march on vaccination efforts. Linear thinking will always fail to pick up the financial (and other) impact of macro events. [...]

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