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Join us as we explore today’s issues in family enterprise

What is urgent? What takes priority? The newest generational divide.

Societal issues are spilling over into family enterprises. Think healthcare crises, climate change, automation, inclusivity, etc. In light of the past year’s events and lingering uncertainty, we may be witnessing a “decoupling” of parallel attitudes between generational cohorts as to what is urgent, what takes priority and how entrepreneurial families should be acting now and for the longer term. Such differences are neither obvious nor bad. In fact, they can be leveraged to support growth and sustainability. How entrepreneurial families harness (and exploit) generational variances is what’s important. The great thing about opposing perspectives is, paradoxically, they offer more options.

In times of crisis, pivot; in quieter times, plan. What do we do post pandemic?

We cannot react and reflect at the same time. Global unrest has all but eradicated entrepreneurial families’ tolerance towards risk. What will shape our attitudes towards tomorrow’s hazards? How might this affect how we grow as an enterprising family? It is surely better to thrive than to merely survive. Answering these questions could transform how we behave as families in business and how we do business as progressive families.

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