COVID-19 Note #23

2021-04-15T10:17:54+02:0015 March 2021|

One year in and the race towards herd immunity is on. But the pace of the race and who is currently out in front [...]

COVID-19 Note #22

2021-04-15T10:16:57+02:0019 February 2021|

Efficient vaccination programmes are bearing fruit. However, the challenge posed by variants combined with the monumental task of vaccinating the globe threatens to compromise [...]

COVID-19 Note #21

2021-04-15T10:16:51+02:0028 January 2021|

New, more contagious, and perhaps more resistant variants are derailing global efforts to bring the pandemic to an end. Widespread vaccination and its contingent [...]

COVID-19 Note #20

2021-04-15T10:16:35+02:0011 January 2021|

As 2021 dawns, optimism turns to anxiety with vaccine delays and the velocity of a new variant of the COVID virus. This, in turn, [...]

COVID-19 Note #19

2021-04-15T10:16:20+02:0010 December 2020|

US post-Thanksgiving surge upon a surge is breaking sombre COVID records while the record levels of US government funding is to be thanked for [...]

COVID-19 Note #18

2021-04-15T10:16:12+02:0011 November 2020|

In the US and Europe containment policies and public compliance are left wanting in the face of a major second/third wave. The rich world [...]

COVID-19 Note #17

2021-04-15T10:15:56+02:0013 October 2020|

Public fatigue and resistance to piecemeal public policy are ill-suited to resist the current resurgence of the pandemic. Now increasingly identified as a syndemic [...]

COVID-19 Note #16

2021-04-15T10:15:53+02:0018 September 2020|

Covid is both in retreat and resurgence depending on where you are. Many countries haven’t seen the last of lockdowns but ‘living with the [...]

COVID-19 Note #15

2021-04-15T10:19:43+02:0012 August 2020|

Economic and Epidemiological Impact Analysed in just a few gobbets for time-starved, over-solicited decision-makers Globally, COVID-19 continues to gather pace. It is ebbing in countries [...]

COVID-19 Note #14

2021-04-15T10:10:00+02:0023 July 2020|

Infection numbers keep rising globally with Africa particularly hard hit. There is no foolproof containment strategy but being outside is increasingly recognised as safer. [...]

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