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    Joseph Nye, "The Changing Geopolitics of Energy"

    Project Syndicate - 1 Nov 2017

    At a time when the consensus is predicting a demise of US power, this is worth reading. One of the most authoritative US pundits argues that the revolution in shale energy has brought about a tectonic shift in international relations, what he calls a “geopolitical revolution”. He enumerates several reasons that will, in his opinion, boost US global power in the long term (reads in 4-5 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 3 November 2017

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    Jon Michaels, "Trump and the “Deep State”"

    Foreign Affairs (metered paywall) - 31 Aug 2017

    This is essential reading for those trying to understand how the conflict between President Trump and his government will pan out. The law professor explains why the widespread resistance inside the government to many of Trump’s endeavors is real, but doesn’t come from an insidious, undemocratic “deep state”. It simply comes from the large, complex hive of people and procedures that constitute the U.S. federal government. This makes it highly effective (reads in 5-7 min)

    Published in Weekly selection 18 August 2017

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    Ian Buruma, "Are China and the United States Headed for War?"

    The New Yorker - 19 Jun 2017

    This is a scathing critic of Graham Allison’s book and contention that a war between China and the US is much more likely than we think. Ian Buruma thinks not and explains why. In his view, Allison underrates the many factures that could slow things down quite soon. He also comments on several other books recently published on the same subject (reads in about 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 June 2017

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