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    Vanessa Friedman, "The end of the office dress code"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 26 May 2016

    The fashion editor of The New York Times asserts that a huge power shift has begun in terms of how we dress at the office. In the words of Susan Scafidi, a law professor and founder of the Fashion Law Institute: “We are moving into an era where personal expression is going to trump the desire to create a corporate identity.” (reads in about 6-8- min)

    Published in Weekly selection 28 May 2016

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    Stephanie Vozza, "The four best productivity tricks I learned at Google"

    Fast Company - 1 Sep 2015

    This is not rocket science, but when Google offers advice on how to boost productivity, it is worth listening! The four tricks are neat and simple: (1) Use technology to keep remote employees close; (2) Eliminate silos; (3) Master your inbox; (4) Set goals before meetings. (reads in about 2-3 mn)

    Published in Weekly selection 11 September 2015

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    Jill Neimark, "Canon of taste"

    AEON Magazine - 11 Aug 2015

    The starting point of this longish article (reads in about 15mn): can we restore the world’s culinary masterpieces by rescuing the lost ingredients and flavours that inspired them? And can we approach cuisine as we do architectural restoration, classical music or great masterworks of art? The answer is yes. This portends a growing global trend: the exploration of actual local ingredients that establish a culinary canon and compose it.

    Published in Weekly selection 15 August 2015

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