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  • ENVIRONMENT, Sustainability

    Frank Viviano, "This Tiny Country Feeds the World"

    National Geographic - 30 Sep 2017

    The Netherlands, a small and densely populated country, is the world's number two exporter of food in value terms, second only to the United States which has 270 times its landmass. This rich and fascinating article (with stunning pictures) explains how the Dutch do it. It boils down to “precision farming”, with stunning yields despite little use of pesticides and antibiotics (reads in 10-15 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 8 September 2017

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    Bryan Lufkin, "Why “Hydro-Politics” Will Shape the 21st Century"

    BBC Future - 16 Jun 2017

    The observation that, in the coming decades, the supply of water will influence geopolitics, diplomacy and even conflict has become banal, but this article does a good job at explaining why water will become the “next oil” and some of the possible implications. “Virtual water” will become a defining issue (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 June 2017

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  • ENVIRONMENT, Sustainability

    Nathan Halverson, "We’re running out of water, and the world’s powers are very worried"

    Reveal - 11 Apr 2016

    This short analysis (reads in about 10-12 mn.) of classified US cables reviewed by The Center for Investigative Reporting illustrates the extent to which water shortages did and will spark unrest across the world. One third of the world’s population will be affected by fresh water scarcity by 2025. Problems will be the severest in the Middle East, northern India, northern China and the Western United States. 

    Published in Weekly selection 15 April 2016

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