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Kenneth Rogoff
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  • ECONOMICS, SOCIETY, Globalization

    Michael Spence, "The Restructuring of the World"

    Project Syndicate - 27 Sep 2018

    The Nobel laureate in economics offers a useful framework to think about the changes engulfing the world. He says that trade protectionism, together with fears over the geopolitical implications of technological development, are contributing to a balkanization of the world. In short: the world is heading towards greater fragmentation. The crucial dynamic that will shape every part of the global economy in the coming decades is the strategic rivalry between China and the US (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 5 October 2018

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  • GEOPOLITICS, SOCIETY, Globalization

    Robert Kagan, "‘America First’ Has Won"

    The New York Times - metered paywallk - 24 Sep 2018

    This is a must-read to understand why Trump’s foreign policy is here to stay. The author of “The Jungle Grows Back; America and Our Imperiled World” affirms that the three pillars of Trump’s ideology — isolationism, protectionism and restricting immigration — were gaining popularity before he became president and will probably outlast his tenure (reads in 6-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 5 October 2018

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  • SOCIETY, Ageing, ECONOMICS, Asia

    Adair Turner, "Japan’s Successful Economic Model"

    Project Syndicate - 20 Sep 2018

    Maybe counter-intuitively for many, the chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking argues that Japan does well. Yes: its GDP growth lags behind most other developed economies (and will likely continue to do so as the population slowly declines); but it is GDP per capita that matters, and on this front, the country excels. Also, as a machine for delivering prosperity to a wide range of citizens, Japan’s economy compares well with almost any other. Even government debt and unsustainable fiscal deficits are not as acute as we think, Adair shows (reads in 6-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 28 September 2018

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