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    Benjamin Nathans, "The Real Power of Putin"

    The New York Review of Books - 29 Sep 2016

    This a crash course, with many fascinating insights, in Russian affairs: the review of nine books (mostly of an academic nature) that help us understand today’s Russia and where the country is going (reads in about 8-10 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 September 2016

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    Stephen Walt, "Why arming Kiev is a really, really bad idea"

    Foreign Policy - paywall - 9 Feb 2015

    There is currently a debate within US and European policy /academic circles about possibly sending weapons to Ukraine. We believe this is a horribly bad idea that would only extend and aggravate an already destructive conflict. The influential Harvard professor of international relations makes the point quite neatly! He observes: “It’s easy to prescribe such actions when you’re safely located in a Washington think tank, but destroying Ukraine in order to save it is hardly smart or morally correct diplomacy”.

    Published in Weekly selection 14 February 2015

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    Daniel Altman, "Can Anything Save the Ruble?"

    Foreign Policy - 5 Dec 2014

    Russia’s economy is overwhelmingly dominated by oil. The value of Russia’s oil exports in dollars is down by 20% for the year (despite exporting more), and this week, the ruble lost 8%. This short article does a good job at explaining in simple terms why Putin has no good option at his disposal.  Furthermore, the policy of exporting as much oil as possible to try to contain the depreciation of the ruble is self-defeating as it keeps oil prices low.

    Published in Weekly selection 6 December 2014

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