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    Kazuo Ishiguro, "How I wrote The Remains of the Day in four weeks"

    The Guardian - 6 Dec 2014

    This article is three years old, but it couldn’t be more timely! Kazuo Ishiguro just won the Nobel prize in literature. “The Remains of The Day” is the book that made him famous. In this rather short article (reads in 5-6 min.), he explains how he wrote it in four weeks and what his main sources of inspiration were. A source of hope for all aspiring writers!

    Published in Weekly selection 6 October 2017

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    John Lanchester, "How should we read investor letters?"

    The New Yorker - 5 Sep 2016

    The financier turned novelist considers the correspondence between CEOs and shareholders as a literary genre. In this longish piece (reads in 12-15 min) that contains some hilarious letters, he reviews an interesting new book: “Dear Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism” (HarperBusiness). 

    Published in Weekly selection 2 September 2016

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    Mark Blyth, "Capitalism in crisis"

    Foreign Affairs (metered paywall) - 31 Jul 2016

    This is a review of three recent books that try to make sense of what went wrong with capitalism and what comes next in a world of stagnant living standards, widening inequalities, and rising carbon emissions.  Despite acknowledging capitalism’s adaptive capabilities, the picture all three books paint is a bleak one (reads in about 7-9 min). 

    Published in Weekly selection 15 July 2016

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