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  • Technology, Innovation, ECONOMICS, Real estate

    Nelly Bowles, "Sorry, Power-Lunchers. This Restaurant Is a Co-Working Space Now"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 8 Jul 2018

    This seems to be an irresistible trend at the moment: everything, it seems, is becoming a shared office, including upscale dining rooms before they open for the evening. A start-up called Spacious is driving the trend. A membership model is the future for bricks-and-mortar spots, and restaurants are the easiest first step (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 14 July 2018

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  • ENVIRONMENT, Climate Change, ECONOMICS, Real estate

    Erika Bolstad, "High Ground Is Becoming Hot Property as Sea Level Rises"

    Scientific American - 1 May 2017

    This article about how climate change is now part of the gentrification story in Miami real estate gives us a taste of things to come. All coastal areas around the world will suffer the same fate, and it is the less affluent (in rich countries) and areas that don’t have the financial resources to adapt to rising waters (in poor countries) that will suffer. A rather long read (more than 10 min) but worth it! It introduces a new expression: “climate gentrification”.

    Published in Weekly selection 5 May 2017

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  • ECONOMICS, Inequalities, Real estate

    Noah Smith, "The threat coming by land"

    Quartz - 9 Sep 2015

    Since 1950 the share of residential property value as a percentage of GDP has increased dramatically in European countries, but the phenomenon is global, driven by an increase in the demand for desirable locations - an inherently scarce commodity that pushes up the value of land. What ultimately determines the value of modern land is the incentive to locate close to other people, but this creates “externalities”. A possible solution, politically difficult, is to tax the value of locations. (reads in about 5 mn)

    Published in Weekly selection 11 September 2015

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