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  • GEOPOLITICS, New world order

    Peter Goodman, "The Post-World War II Order Is Under Assault From the Powers That Built It"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 26 Mar 2018

    This article makes an obvious observation yet with far-reaching and mind-boggling consequences. The backlash against liberal democracy is in full swing and the model that has dominated geopolitics for more than 70 years is under great strain, being challenged by a surge of nationalism and its institutions under assault from some of the very powers that constructed them, in particular the current US administration. In place of shared approaches to global issues, ranging from trade disputes, to security and climate change, national interests have captured primacy (reads in 6-8 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 31 March 2018

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  • ECONOMICS, Forecasting, GEOPOLITICS, New world order

    Barry Eichengreen, "The Demise of Dollar Diplomacy?"

    Project Syndicate - 11 Oct 2017

    For more than 50 years, pundits have been pronouncing the last rites for the dollar’s global dominance. They may finally be right because the greenback's continuing dominance has been sustained by geopolitical alliances that are now fraying badly. As a new book from Eichengreen demonstrates, a strong and under-appreciated link exists between geopolitical alliances and international currency choice. This suggests that where China leads geopolitically, the renminbi is likely to follow (reads in 4-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 20 October 2017

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  • GEOPOLITICS, New world order

    Chandran Nair, "Europe’s Populism, Europe’s Hubris"

    Die Welt - 6 Oct 2017

    The founder of GIFT states that the vision of a world divided between ‘globalists’ and ‘populists’ is Western-centric. According to him, the reason why leaders like Modi, Putin, Xi, Erdoğan and Duterte attract huge support at home is the following: they argue their countries have been unfairly denied a place in global politics, economics and rule-making, and that it is time for them to have a say that does not conform to the Western narrative and world order (reads in 4-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 13 October 2017

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