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  • ECONOMICS, Investing

    Mihir Desai, "Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way"

    The Atlantic - 10 Jul 2017

    The Harvard Business School professor argues that whichever company’s vision prevails will shape the future of the economy. The argument boils down to the separation of ownership and control and to the “principal-agent” problem with dramatic implications for investors (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 14 July 2017

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  • ECONOMICS, Financial Markets, Investing

    Robert Shiller, "In Long Run, There’s No Such Thing as an Einstein Investor"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 23 Jun 2017

    The Nobel laureate explains why the world is much too complex for any one investment method to work all of the time. Both published statistical analyses and published actions and opinions of successful investors, are worth mulling over, but following successful strategies blindly won’t work. Investors need to exercise intuitive judgment as well as rely on the wisdom of smart, well-informed people to decide whether to continue to rely on statistical indicators and investment strategies that seemed to work in the past (reads in 4-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 7 July 2017

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  • ECONOMICS, Financial Markets, Technology, Innovation, Investing

    Derek Thompson, "Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods"

    The Atlantic - 16 Jun 2017

    In the flurry of articles on Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods for just under $14 billion, this article does a good job at explaining in simple terms what this is all about. The deal isn’t just about the future of food: it’s about the future of commerce. At the simplest level, the deal represents a straightforward confluence of interests, but it also holds implications for the future of groceries, the entire food industry, and - as hyperbolic as this might sound - the future of shopping for just about anything (reads in 4-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 June 2017

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