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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Decision-making, Human condition

    Keith Kahn-Harris, "Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth"

    The Guardian - 3 Aug 2018

    From vaccines to climate change to genocide, a new age of denialism (an expansion or intensification of denial) is falling upon us. This excerpt from a book to be published in September looks at the reasons why we’ve failed to understand a phenomenon that has moved from the fringes to the centre of public discourse, helped in part by new technology. A timely and rich read (more than 15 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 11 August 2018

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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Human condition

    Peter Haldeman, "The Secret Price of Pets"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 6 Jul 2018

    The pets’ business is booming, and often in a manner that this articles describes as “baroque”. This is particularly true in the US, where last year, pets’ owners spent $69.5 billion on their “fur babies”. From silicone testicle implants to designer drugs and “pawdicures,” owners spare no expense when it comes to their furry friends. As dogs’ and cats’ “lifestyles” increasingly mirror our own, greenness, mindfulness and wellness have become other marketing buzzwords. What does this tell us about us? (reads in 5-6 min). 

    Published in Weekly selection 7 July 2018

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  • GEOPOLITICS, Conflicts, SOCIETY, History, PSYCHOLOGY, Human condition

    Amy Chua, "Group Identity Is All"

    Foreign Affairs (metered paywall) - 1 Jul 2018

    This is a must-read to understand what’s going on around the world. The human instinct to identify with a group is almost certainly hard-wired, with numerous neurological studies confirming that group identity can even produce physical sensations of satisfaction. Yet, the Yale professor argues that policy-makers underestimate (at their peril) the role that group identification plays in shaping human behavior. They also overlook the fact that the identities that matter most are not national but ethnic, regional, religious, sectarian, or clan-based (reads in 10-12 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 June 2018

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