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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Human condition

    Mark Seal, "“He Actually Believes He Is Khalid”: The Amazing 30-Year Odyssey of a Counterfeit Saudi Prince"

    Vanity Fair - 1 Nov 2018

    History rhymes! This is the amazing story of an “epic con artist” for whom “no scheme seemed out of reach”. Investors all over the world fell for the schemes of the man who called himself Khalid bin al-Saud. His different scam involved allegedly duping dozens of prominent international investors out of millions (a long article – more than 20 min, but it reads like a thriller).

    Published in Weekly selection 13 October 2018

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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Decision-making, Human condition

    Dean Keith Simonton, "Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think"

    Nautilus - 4 Oct 2018

    This is an excerpt from “The Genius Checklist”, just published by MIT Press. In studies of children and historical figures, IQ falls short as a measure of success. Simply put: intelligence is not a determining factor in those who make it and those who don’t (reads in 9-11 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 5 October 2018

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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Human condition, Wellbeing

    Joe Pinsker, "People Are Confused About the Usefulness of Buying Fancy Things"

    The Atlantic - 27 Sep 2018

    Luxury goods don’t impress, but repel! Recent research suggests that conspicuous consumption can temporarily increase one’s self-esteem but it does not impress potential friends. Status does not attract new friends because people, when looking for friends, don’t like feeling inadequate (reads in 3-4 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 28 September 2018

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