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    Paula Dywer, "Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up?"

    Bloomberg - 22 Jul 2017

    The conviction that Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook have become too big and too powerful is gaining strength. Economists see their market concentration as the culprit behind some of the US economy’s most persistent ailments—the decline of workers’ share of national income, the rise of inequality, the decrease in business startups, the dearth of job creation, and the fall in research and development spending. Will these mammoth companies be broken up? (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 28 July 2017

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  • SOCIETY, Globalization, Technology, Innovation

    Katrin Bennhold, "On London’s Streets,
Black Cabs and Uber
Fight for a Future"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 4 Jul 2017

    This is a great piece of journalism! Katrin Bennhold looks at the issue of “disruption against the incumbent” through the lens of a black cab driver and a Uber female immigrant driver. Her analysis makes the reader realize that London’s cabby wars epitomize what disruption is all about: they are less about the disruptive power of an
app, or a new business model, and more about the disruption of a country’s way of life (reads in 7-9 min). 

    Published in Weekly selection 7 July 2017

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    Satyajit Das, "If Corporations Are People, They Can Be Jerks"

    Bloomberg View - 5 Jun 2017

    The investment banker turned writer argues that the problem we collectively face isn't globalization, but how companies treat the countries where they operate. This problem has a name: “hotel civilization,” meaning that today's multinationals lack a deep connection with the countries in which they operate - they're as transient as hotel guests, seeking short-term gains and ignoring long-term costs. 

    Published in Weekly selection 10 June 2017

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