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Kenneth Rogoff
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  • ECONOMICS, Forecasting, ENVIRONMENT, Sustainability

    Ida Auken, "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better"

    World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda - 11 Nov 2017

    The Danish MP who’s played a vital role in shaping her country’s environmental policies exposes her vision of the future. Information is free, shopping is dead, robots and AI take over big parts of our jobs, obliging us to rethink our model of growth. Hence, our close relationship with nature is back: walking, biking, cooking, drawing and growing plant re-merge! She’s a voice worth heeding because Denmark is pioneering this future (reads in 4-5 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 11 November 2017

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  • ECONOMICS, Forecasting, GEOPOLITICS, New world order

    Barry Eichengreen, "The Demise of Dollar Diplomacy?"

    Project Syndicate - 11 Oct 2017

    For more than 50 years, pundits have been pronouncing the last rites for the dollar’s global dominance. They may finally be right because the greenback's continuing dominance has been sustained by geopolitical alliances that are now fraying badly. As a new book from Eichengreen demonstrates, a strong and under-appreciated link exists between geopolitical alliances and international currency choice. This suggests that where China leads geopolitically, the renminbi is likely to follow (reads in 4-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 20 October 2017

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  • ECONOMICS, Forecasting, Technology, Innovation, Internet

    Cade Metz, "Forget Bitcoin. The Blockchain Could Reveal What’s True Today and Tomorrow"

    Wired - 22 Mar 2017

    New tools for predictive intelligence and analytics are forging ahead at a speed that would have seemed inconceivable just a few years ago. A few start-ups are aiming to use the blockchain to deliver far more powerful prediction markets than ever before. And it gets even better! These new applications will not just predict what the future has in store, but they’ll also know what’s happening in the present by “pulling everyone towards the truth” (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 24 March 2017

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