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Kenneth Rogoff
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    Jochen Bittner, "How the Far Right Conquered Sweden"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 6 Sep 2018

    On Sunday, Sweden - a successful economy and a bastion of social democracy - might end up with a far-right party in government after national elections. This is a must-read to understand how the issue of migration (factual or not) is going to shape politics for years to come. Countries that refuse to deal with the realities of mass immigration are bound to be in trouble (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 8 September 2018

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    Sam Knight, "Theresa May’s Impossible Choice"

    The New Yorker (metered paywall) - 30 Jul 2018

    This is a long (15-20 min) but important read at a time when the UK government is envisaging the stockpiling of food and medicines in case it fails to reach a deal with the EU before it leaves on March 29. The article exposes the British PM’s current predicament: with Brexit looming, Theresa May is battling Trump, Europe, and her own party. Ever since she became PM, she’s been trying to square two conflicting demands: to respect the democratic impulse of Brexit while limiting the economic consequences – an impossible task when Brexit in any form is destined to make Britain worse off.

    Published in Weekly selection 28 July 2018

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    Alina Polyakova and Banjamin Haddad, "Europe in the New Era of Great Power Competition"

    Foreign Affairs (metered paywall) - 17 Jul 2018

    European leaders can no longer hide their anxiety, having understood that “America first” means Europe alone. The continent, divided internally, is losing agency on the world stage, and the Trump administration, now acting as a predator more than as a partner, is tempted to exploit this weakness. How can the EU stand up to Trump and China? If it wants to be a player rather than a chessboard on which great powers compete, its leaders must take responsibility for defense and security and play up their economic strengths. Easier said than done… (reads in 7-9 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 20 July 2018

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