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Kenneth Rogoff
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    Alina Polyakova and Banjamin Haddad, "Europe in the New Era of Great Power Competition"

    Foreign Affairs (metered paywall) - 17 Jul 2018

    European leaders can no longer hide their anxiety, having understood that “America first” means Europe alone. The continent, divided internally, is losing agency on the world stage, and the Trump administration, now acting as a predator more than as a partner, is tempted to exploit this weakness. How can the EU stand up to Trump and China? If it wants to be a player rather than a chessboard on which great powers compete, its leaders must take responsibility for defense and security and play up their economic strengths. Easier said than done… (reads in 7-9 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 20 July 2018

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  • GEOPOLITICS, Europe, The Middle East

    David Frum, "Competing Visions of Islam Will Shape Europe in the 21st Century"

    The Atlantic - 2 May 2018

    This is an enlightening interview with Akbar Ahmed (the author of “Journey into Europe”). The former Pakistani civil servant turned academic explains how migration is reshaping Europe and wonders and whether leaders can cope. He thinks Europe is at a crossroads: the potential for harmony exists, but so does the nightmarish vision of possible conflicts (reads in 8-10 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 4 May 2018

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  • GEOPOLITICS, Europe, ECONOMICS, Eurozone

    Ashoka Mody, "The euro area’s deepening political divide"

    VoXeu - 21 Apr 2018

    This is an important article for those interested in the future of Europe and the Eurozone. We don’t concur with the conclusions put forward by the author of “Euro Tragedy: A Drama in Nine Act”. He is, however, being heard by an increasing number of policy-makers and analysts. Mody essentially argues that the political divide in Europe may now be hard to heal without a major shift in focus back to national priorities (reads in 6-7 min).  

    Published in Weekly selection 21 April 2018

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