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  • ECONOMICS, Employment/unemployment, Inequalities

    Amy Merrick, "Walmart's Future Workforce: Robots and Freelancers"

    The Atlantic - 4 Apr 2018

    Signs abound that most economies, but the US one in particular, are tilting further towards jobs that give workers less market power. Walmart epitomizes this trend: it is raising wages, but its plans to use more gig labor and automation put workers at a disadvantage. In a nutshell, the labour markers are being ‘gig-ified’, with the ensuing concern: not about the number of jobs, but whether those jobs can support a reasonable standard of living (reads in 6-8 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 13 April 2018

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  • ECONOMICS, Employment/unemployment

    Donald Boudreaux, "Trade is not a job killer"

    The New York Times - metered paywall - 28 Mar 2018

    As the economist explains, assuming that trade destroys employment is a misconception. Estimates of jobs destroyed by trade sound big, but they’re actually tiny. Relative to overall routine job destruction and creation — “job churn” — the number of American jobs destroyed by trade is minuscule. By far, the major source of job destruction and creation is technological innovation (reads in 4-5 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 7 April 2018

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  • ECONOMICS, Employment/unemployment, PSYCHOLOGY, Wellbeing

    Dylan Walsh, "“The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares”"

    Insights by Stanford Business - 15 Mar 2018

    This is an interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer, the author of “Dying for a Paycheck”: a new book that examines the massive health care toll that today’s work culture exacts on employees. Pfeffer argues that the current work culture is harming both company performance and individual wellbeing. Job engagement is low; distrust in management high; and job satisfaction in continual decline. His book focuses on the US, but the problem is global (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 23 March 2018

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