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    Rafael Behr, "The remainers’ biggest problem? Voters have switched off"

    The Guardian - 11 Sep 2018

    This is a brilliant article written about the UK exit from the EU, but it’s much broader than that: it deals with the issue of disengagement and therefore explains a lot of what’s happening globally. The reality is this: most voters don’t care about most things, and getting their attention is causing inconvenience.  Sixty per cent of all British voters agree with the statement: “I no longer care how or when we leave the EU, I just want it over and done with” (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 14 September 2018

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  • SOCIETY, Democracies/autocracies, Technology

    Yuval Noah Harari, "Why Technology Favors Tyranny"

    The Atlantic - 1 Oct 2018

    The famous historian and philosopher argues that AI could erase many practical advantages of democracy, and erode the ideals of liberty and equality. Also, if we don’t take steps to stop it, it will further concentrate power in the hands of a small elite. This must-read comes with the caveat that his prognosis couldn’t be darker: “Together, infotech and biotech will create unprecedented upheavals in human society, eroding human agency and, possibly, subverting human desires. Under such conditions, liberal democracy and free-market economics might become obsolete” (reads in about 10 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 2 September 2018

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  • SOCIETY, Democracies/autocracies, Technology, Innovation, Internet

    Zeynep Tufekci, "How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump"

    MIT Technology Review - 14 Aug 2018

    How did digital technologies go from empowering citizens and toppling dictators to being used as tools of oppression and discord? This is a must-read to understand how digital technology went from an instrument promoting democracy to a weapon charged to undermine it. It offers a clear, brief review of the different stages of social media; from (1) the euphoria of discovery to (2) the audacity of hope, (3) the illusion of immunity and (4) the power of the platforms. It offers in conclusion a few recommendations to deal with the problem (reads in 8-9 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 17 August 2018

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