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Kenneth Rogoff
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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Decision-making, Technology, Innovation

    Michael Schrage, "Is “Murder by Machine Learning” the New “Death by PowerPoint”?"

    Harvard Business Review - 23 Jan 2018

    The MIT Research fellow explains why software doesn’t always end up being the productivity panacea that it promises to be. Because AI and machine learning (ML) are supposed to be “smart”, they pose challenging organizational risks. They are likelier to inspire false and/or misplaced confidence in their findings; to amplify or further entrench data based biases; and to exacerbate the very human flaws of the people who deploy them. He concludes by providing a few tips on good “data governance” (reads in 7-10 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 26 January 2018

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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Decision-making, ECONOMICS, SOCIETY, ENVIRONMENT, Sustainability

    Sebastian Buckup, "How to fix modernity’s Godzilla problem"

    Quartz - 22 Dec 2017

    This is an interesting take on a very broad and complex set of issues. The WEF head of programming observes that humanity’s dominance as a species results from its capability to carry the power of scale from the biological into the social realm, but by giving us superpowers, scale also makes us frail. As a result of the digital revolution, we’ve now entered a new age that is testing the boundaries of scale in unprecedented ways. The solution is to rebalance the focus of innovation from growth to maintenance and repair (reads in 15min+). 

    Published in Weekly selection 23 December 2017

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  • PSYCHOLOGY, Decision-making

    Ray Dalio, "9 common-sense rules for getting the most out of meetings"

    Ideas Ted - 5 Dec 2017

    Too many meetings are a complete waste of time. In this short piece (reads in 5-6 min), the famous investor offers 9 simple rules to keep meetings focused and productive. (1) Make it clear who is directing the meeting and who it is meant to serve; (2) Make clear what type of communication you are going to have in light of the objectives and priorities; (3) Lead the discussion by being assertive and open-minded; (4) Watch out for “topic slip” and five more…

    Published in Weekly selection 8 December 2017

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