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  • ENVIRONMENT, Climate Change

    Chandran Nair, "The west can’t fix the climate crisis. Asia will have to do it"

    The Guardian - 5 Dec 2017

    The author of Consumptionomics explains why solutions offered by market mechanisms and technological “innovations” won’t be sufficient to address climate change. This is why decisions in Beijing, New Delhi or Jakarta will be more important than those taken in Washington or Brussels. In Chandran’s opinion, only Asia, led by China, can decide to put more focus on collective welfare over individual rights; and manage expectations so as to avoid overconsumption and waste (reads in 5-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 8 December 2017

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  • ENVIRONMENT, Climate Change

    Christopher Joyce, "Massive Government Report Says Climate Is Warming And Humans Are The Cause"

    NPR - 2 Nov 2017

    A new report (the most comprehensive so far) published by US government officials and academics concludes that: “It is extremely likely that human activities are the dominant cause of global warming”. It therefore contradicts statements by President Trump and many of his Cabinet members (reads in 2-3 min). Global warming is a slow-motion catastrophe, but it’s hard to get people to care about and act on an abstract trend: as human beings, we tend to be motivated by short-term concerns.

    Published in Weekly selection 3 November 2017

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  • ENVIRONMENT, Climate Change, Sustainability

    Sparknews, "Solutions & Co"

    Sparnews - 31 Oct 2017

    This is not our standard article, but a new website that presents innovative and inspiring solutions to climate issues sourced from all over the world! It works as a network and shows that the ‘circular economy’ is booming and: new ideas are plentiful, and most will appeal to social impact investors and start-ups alike (reads from 5 min to 2 hours when reading some of the projects in detail).

    Published in Weekly selection 27 October 2017

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