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    Thomas Friedman, "The U.S. and China Are Finally Having It Out"

    The New York Times - metered paywallk - 1 May 2018

    Among the plethora of articles on Trump’s declaration of trade war with China, this one stands out by clearly explaining what is at stake. The NYT editorialist explains that this is not really about trade, but “a struggle to redefine the rules governing the economic and power relations of the world’s oldest and newest superpowers”. As one Chinese expert puts it: “No one can contain China anymore” (reads in 6-7 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 12 May 2018

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  • ECONOMICS, China, US

    Stephen Roach, "America’s Weak Case Against China"

    Project Syndicate - 24 Apr 2018

    Whether one agrees or not with Roach, his article is worth reading. He argues that the US Trade Representative’s argument that China imposes forced technology transfer on foreign investors is wrong. In fact, says Roach, China deploys the classic method that all developing nations apply to climb the value-added ladder. His conclusion: “Like the rest of us, the Chinese are tough competitors, and they don’t always play by the rules” (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 28 April 2018

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  • ECONOMICS, China, GEOPOLITICS, China, Technology, Innovation

    Edmund Phelps, "Will China Out-Innovate the West?"

    Project Syndicate - 5 Apr 2018

    Yes! The Nobel laureate offers an intriguing response to one of today’s most fundamental questions. In his view, Western governments have for decades protected incumbent firms at the expense of new market entrants. As more and more Chinese companies are realizing that they must innovate in order to get – and stay – ahead in the global economy, he argues, the West urgently needs to change course, or risk being left behind (reads in 5-6 min).

    Published in Weekly selection 7 April 2018

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