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Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk

Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk Kindle Edition on

Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk
eBook / Format Kindle

Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk, gives its readers hard facts combined with coherent and well-researched arguments to convey the vital message of how and why walking can change our lives and our world. The reasons are manifold, this books outlines ten of them:

  1. 1.It’s good for the body
  2. 2.It’s good for the brain
  3. 3.It’s good for the mind
  4. 4.It’s good for decision-making
  5. 5.It’s good for coping with an accelerating world
  6. 6.It’s good for equality
  7. 7.It’s good for the economy
  8. 8.It’s good for the environment
  9. 9.It’s so good it’s going to be made compulsory
  10. 10.It’s a must – say writers and philosophers

This short and highly accessibly work is something of a hybrid sitting between an essay, a light academic book and a self-help guide. It has been acclaimed by some of the world's most prominent decision and opinion makers.


Key opinion and decision-makers, wellness gurus, medical doctors and even economists recommend Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk. Please see below excerpts of their testimonials.

  • Klaus Schwab,
    Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, Switzerland

    “I recommend Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk to all walkers and would-be walkers alike, but perhaps most energetically to those yet to be convinced. My reasons for doing so are at the very least tenfold!”

  • Richard Carmona,
    17th Surgeon General of The United States, Distinguished Professor University of Arizona

    “Over two thousand years ago Hippocrates told us that walking was the best medicine. Today the Malleret's have provided us with an elegant and simplified explanation of the value of walking to become a healthier you!”

  • Susie Ellis,
    Chairman and CEO, Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit, United States

    “In a sea of books about fleeting, over-complicated wellness trends du jour, the Mallerets’ new book on the power of walking - that simplest, most accessible and human activity imaginable – is such a welcome relief. And it’s a book on a higher order: painting a picture of how walking can uniquely transform our bodies and minds that is equal parts profound intellect, medical proof and personal passion. A testament to this book’s uncanny power: after reading it, all you will want to do is walk…and make walking your life ritual.”

  • Arianna Huffington,
    Founder and CEO, Thrive Global, USA

    “The benefits of walking are seemingly endless. As Thierry Malleret shows, we don't just feel better when we walk, we think better, too. Using science along with compelling stories of famous walkers throughout history, Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk will get you off the couch to better navigate our stress-filled world.”

  • Professor Lord Layard,
    Director, Well-Being Programme, Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics, UK

    “Thierry and Mary Anne are absolutely right. Walking is vital. The scientific evidence is clear. You can do it for exercise without thinking. Even better you can do it mindfully.”

  • Dambisa Moyo,
    Global Economist, author, names by TIME Magazine one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”

    “I love distance running, and proudly display the medals of the marathons that I have run. However, before becoming an avid runner, I was a keen walker -and still I am. New technology that encourages walking - like tracking your 10,000 steps- makes it pleasurable to monitor all the benefits of walking. Best of all, walking can enjoyed by all: old or young, rich or poor, in groups, in solitude, or in romance. What is not to like about walking? I dont know, but Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk is a must read on what what is to like!”

  • Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD-
    Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California School of Medicine (UCSF) in San Francisco; and, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona School of Medicine in Tucson, USA

    Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk is a concise, accessible, and thoroughly researched book. As such, it is perfectly positioned to spread what is a deceptively simple but vitally important message: walking is life changing”

  • Dennis Snower,
    President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany

    “The best ideas are so important and so simple that one can't help asking oneself "Why hadn't I thought this myself long ago?" Ten Good Reasons to Go for a Walk contains such an idea. It is important since it promotes your physical and psychological wellbeing. It is simple since it shows that you need only to walk. Like me, you will find that this book will change your life, making you healthier and happier.”

  • Tony Schwartz,
    CEO, The Energy Project; Author: The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, USA

    Ten Good Reasons to Go For a Walk makes a passionate and compelling case for increasing a simple behaviour that deserves to be a far bigger part of our lives than it often is. Whether to improve your health, lift your spirits, escape from life’s ever increasing cacophony, take time for quiet reflection, commune with nature, or connect with a friend, walking is a gift that keeps on giving.  You can’t read this brief but lyrical ode without wanting to move more than you do now.”

  • Philippe Bourguignon,
    Partner, Revolution, USA

    “Why would anyone choose to make time for a walk? How we walk, where we walk, why we walk tells the world who and what we are. Once, or several times, a day - around the block, or for weekend hikes, or as competition; walking is an aspect of what makes us humans, and keeps us engaged with the world. I love this book; it brings you a mindful interpretation of the importance of self. It truly does not matter if you walk or not...what you will find inside these pages is a wonderful collection of life insights. I walk, willingly and longingly, and yet, reading this book was thought provoking.”

  • Sumir and Ravi Chaudhry,
    Managing Partners, Cenex Consulting, India

    “An amazing book with a positive transformational impact, not merely on your personal wellbeing, but equally so on how you live and how the world lives. It helps you re-discover the simple truth we have all forgotten; the subtle realization that walking can connect you (literally and directly) to the planet we inhabit, with all its diversity of people and nature. Written in simple prose and full of memorable nuggets, you are inspired by the conviction that start walking, and you can walk to a better life and a better tomorrow. This brilliant book by Thierry Malleret and Mary Anne Malleret deserves to be widely read; it is an intellectual delight and a veritable synthesis of practical wisdom.”